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Hi ho

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Strait Chillin

Now What?

Posted in My Life by mileslocman on December 11, 2008

yay im 20 woot i guess but i feel like i have been standing still I’m not doing I’m not doing bad damn I’m barley do at all i am bored out of my mind and i hate it my life it purgatory (no not the club) what ever happy birthday to me so on and so forth

I’m Back! Well Kinda?

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I took time off to get school and work rolling, and now I’m back. One big change will be that I will not be posting as much as I was during the summer for obvious reasons. Love you guys, and I will be posting before the day is over with.

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A Change of Seasons

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It has come time for me to make another move; take another step forward in my life. Hopefully I will be able to continue working on the blog! I really wish I could have met the Amazing Lindsey in person! Oh well ;}

iGoogle + Firefox = <3

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Okay for the few people out there that don’t already know i am a HUGE Google & Firefox fanboy, i have been for quite some time. Well it wasn’t until recently that i got the full understanding of why i love them so much! i love the idea of syncing all of my information using Google, so it will be there when i need it no matter where i am. And Firefox gives me the ability to customize it to what ever extreme i feel i need at the moment. but the two of them together allow me the same experience no mater where i am in the word all i need is a thumb drive and i have every thing i need on the web at my finger tips no matter who’s computer i am stealing for the moment. Thumb Drive + Mobile Firefox + iGoogle = Pure Fucking Internet Happiness

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Midwest Teen Sex Show 1up

Posted in Online Media, Videos by mileslocman on August 5, 2008

i am so happy that they finally got sponsored i love this show and if anyone reading this blog loves them to they can catch the new episodes at and



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Anyone Else Thiking What I’m Thinking

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Okay i love cases and covers for all peripherals and electronics as long as they don’t take away from the bad assnes of the product. So when the add ever more bad assyness to one they earn my love, but this is one thing that just fucking bothers me. when companies don’t go that extra foot not even a mile to make something people would be stupid to not buy. Case in point [PUN INTENDED] The Juice Pack for the iphone it has a wonderful list of specs, and is a great buy but why didn’t they just go ahead and make is a freaking case! i mean look both of these products are available from the same company just let them have a love child already

Juce Pack

Juce Pack

Case with Gay Name

Case with Gay Name

Tell me what you think?

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Pure Audiophile Happines

Posted in Music, Online Media, Tech Toys by mileslocman on August 4, 2008
Song Bird 0.7

Song Bird 0.7

For the few that don’t know songbird is a savior in this horrible mix of music players for desktops these days, and it is only getting better. Think of it as what winamp was before it got all saturated with most of the same things most of us hated about windows media player, but a whole hell of alot better it is like firefox’s little audiophile brother and it is my friend. click the pic for the link! try it out for yourself and tell me what you thinkGet Songbird!

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